As the winter months approach, many people are worried about their heating bill. If you are not careful, you can spend a great deal of money just trying to keep your house at a comfortable temperature. Luckily, there are a couple things that you can do to keep your heating bill down without freezing this winter.

1. Keep The Doors Of Unused Rooms Closed

Heating an entire house can be very expensive. Many times the reason you are spending so much money on your heating bill is that you are heating parts of the house that don't get much use. For this reason, you should go through and close the vents in the rooms that don't get used. Then close the door to those rooms. For instance, if you have a guest bedroom that is only used when company is in town, you should close the vent and then close the door. The room will stay very cold, but since no one is in there, it doesn't matter. This is a simple and effective way to lower your heating bill.

2. Switch The Setting On Ceiling Fans

What many people do not realize is that there is a setting on the ceiling fan that can help to circulate heat throughout the room. If the ceiling fan is blowing a certain direction it will cool down the room, but if you switch it, it will help to blow the hot air back down. Since hot air rises, the heat will congregate around the ceiling where no one can feel it. When you push it back down, you can just reuse the same warm air without cranking up the heater.

It should also be mentioned that powering a ceiling fan is incredibly cheap. You could keep your ceiling fan running throughout the whole day for less than a dollar. This is because it usually cost just pennies an hour to run a ceiling fan.

3. Turn Down The Heat In The Night

During the day when people are walking around the house you need to it to be comfortable, but in the night when everyone sleeps there is no reason to have the heat cranked. This is why you should turn the heat down and simply add blankets to the beds. You can set your thermometer to heat up on it's own around 5:00 in the morning so by the time people are awake the house is warm again. This will help to save money on the overall heating system installation bill.

By doing these things you can save money while staying warm.