Your home's air conditioner can save you from the hot days of summer when it's working properly. Unfortunately, there may come a day when the unit is only making warm air. You can investigate the problem on your own, which will indicate if you need professional help or not.

Check The Thermostat Settings

A common mistake is simply not having the thermostat changed to the correct settings. There could be another person in the home that has changed the settings to heat, it's using an old schedule and settings from when it was the winter, or it's user error on your part. If other people have been messing with the thermostat, consider upgrading to a smart thermostat that uses a passcode to lock the thermostat's temperature settings.

Check The Thermostat Wires

You should disconnect the thermostat from the wall and look at the wires going into the control panel. Make sure that every wire has a solid connection to the thermostat, and that the proper color is going to the proper connection.

  • Power – Red wire
  • Heating – White wire
  • Cooling – Yellow wire
  • Fan – Green wire

For instance, having the yellow wire not connected would cause the air conditioner to not turn on, though the fan would activate and move warm air throughout your home.

Check The Air Filter

Can you remember the last time you changed your air conditioner's filter? If not, then that could be the source of your problem. The filter will trap all kinds of pollutants and debris before it enters your ductwork. It's important to regularly replace the filter to keep the system running smoothly. A filter that is old and clogged can actually reduce airflow in your home, which will make it not as cold as it should be.

Check The Freon Levels

Freon is what cools down the condenser coil and chills the air in the system. It's possible that there is a leak in your system that is causing Freon levels to be low, which will not get the coil as cold as it should. Look at the copper line going into the air conditioner. If it is dripping with condensation, it means that there is enough Freon in the system for it to be working properly. If the line does not have condensation on it, the Freon levels are low.

Contact an HVAC professional or air conditioning service to find the leak in the line, fix it, and refill your air conditioner with more Freon.