Refinishing a basement can bring huge benefits to your family and your home. It can also be a huge investment, so you want to make sure that you are doing it properly. If you do it right, you could end up recouping most of your money and possibly end up making a profit off of the renovation when you go to resell your home. If you are ready to push your sleeves up and start finishing your basement, then you better get ready for a pricey investment. In fact, the average basement renovation runs about $61,303. To get the most out of it, here are some mistakes you want to avoid. 

Putting Too Much Pressure on the AC Unit

While your basement will likely stay cooler than most of the home, you may still opt to place air conditioning down there as well. When you are expanding the zone that your air conditioner needs to reach, you have to be sure that you are not placing too much pressure on it. There are two problems you could face when this happens. Either your system will overwork itself and you will see an increase in your energy bills, or the system could shut down altogether, forcing you to suffer in the heat. It is important to call in a professional HVAC contractor to hook up and maintain your system when expanding your AC zone. 

Ignoring a Wet basement

Basements are known for their ability to trap in moisture and sometimes even flood. If your basement is prone to getting wet, you want to rectify the issue first before finishing the basement. You need to make sure you have a proper drainage system in the basement before you even get started on the renovation. Additionally, you need a dehumidifier down there to help keep moisture out. When moisture collects in the basement, you could have an onset of mold and mildew growth. It is ideal to keep the relative humidity level at or below 50%. 

Choosing Not to Soundproof Your Basement

Another common mistake you want to avoid when refinishing your basement is not soundproofing it. Soundproofing is important because most of your home's mechanical systems are found underground. With the basement being right at ground level, it is very likely you will hear noises coming from these systems often. The average price of soundproofing a room will run you about $1,645. While it may seem costly, your sanity is worth far more in the long run.