For a homeowner, being told that there is a problem with mold is devastating news. With mold, there are structural and physical implications that can come along with high costs. Installing a vapor barrier in your crawl space can help you fight the problem even before it becomes an issue.

Why A Vapor Barrier Is Important?

In most houses, the crawl space does have a source of ventilation. This can make some assume that humidity won't be a problem. However, crawl spaces still experience extreme temperature changes because they aren't insulated in the same manner as the living spaces in your home.

When it's cold outside, you can expect the space to be cool and when it's hot outside you can expect the area to be warm and humid. Remember that excess moisture is a breeding ground for mold. The role of a vapor barrier is not to moderate temperature extremes within the crawl space, but to create a blockage that prevents moisture from building up in the area in the first place.


In addition to mold prevention, there are other benefits you can expect from this installation.

Floor Protection

When it's hot in a crawl space both the heat and any excess moisture in the space rises, creating problems for flooring on the lowest level of your home. Since this floor is just above the crawl space, it shouldn't come as a surprise that this heat and moisture can start to have an effect on the sub-floor.

Moisture in the sub-floor can cause mold formation and deterioration of the sub-flooring materials. This deterioration will eventually make its way to the top layer of the floor, requiring a completely new installation. By blocking out the excess moisture you also create an extra layer of protection for your lower level flooring.

Increased Energy Efficiency

The air temperature in the crawl space also affects your home's energy efficiency. Any heat and humidity in the space that rises to the sub-floor can also make the temperature on the lower level feel hot and humid. This influence will cause your home's cooling system to operate more aggressively to balance this fluctuation.

The more frequently the system operates, the more energy it uses and the higher your costs. The vapor barrier creates a sealant that prevents this heat and humidity from rising into your living space and effecting the temperature.

Ensure you are working towards protecting your home. A technician, like one from Atlantic Heating and Cooling, can inspect the condition of your crawl space and develop the right plan for installing a vapor barrier in the space.