The air conditioner (AC) fan is responsible for circulating air in your house, which means a malfunction of the fan will leave your house with state air. Here are some of the common reasons an AC fan may stop running:

Failed Fan Motors

The movement of the fan is triggered and controlled by the operation of the fan motor. This means any malfunction of the fan motor will interfere with the running of the fan. The motor may fail if its bearings are loose or worn out if it is not receiving the right power. Try turning the fan with your hands, if it rotates, then it's most likely that the motor has failed.

Broken or Loose Fan Belt

As previously mentioned, it is the motor that causes the fan to rotate. The motor is connected to the fan via a fan belt. The fan belt may loosen over time due to regular wear and tear or accidental damage; it may even snap if the damage is serious enough. Anything that interferes with the operation of the fan interferes with the transfer of mechanical energy from the motor to the fan, causing the fan's failure.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

For the fan motor to run and operate the fan, it must receive instructions from the main board. The instructions are only given if the thermostat has sensed a rise in temperature and active cooling is desired. Therefore, if the thermostat has not sent signals to the main board, the fan will not rotate because the motor will not be running. In short, a malfunction of the thermostat that interferes with its temperature sensing ability may prevent the fan from rotating.

The Capacitor is Burned Out

The capacitor requires more energy to start than it does to keep running. This starting power is provided by a capacitor, an electrical device that stores a huge amount of power. Just like other electrical devices, the capacitor can fail after some time or due to current overload. If that happens, your motor will not get the power it needs to start, and the fan will not rotate.

There is a Mechanical Obstruction

Lastly, the AC fan may also fail to turn if something is obstructing its blades. For example, debris (such as a piece of stick) may get into the condenser and prevent the condenser fan blades from turning. You should suspect that this is the case if you can't even get the fan to rotate with your hands.

Having an AC with a stationary fan is just the same as having an AC that is not working. This is why you need a technician ASAP if your AC fan is not running. Contact a company like Allied Mechanical & Electrical, Inc. for more information and assistance.