The need to bring air conditioning into your home for humid, hot days may have resulted in multiple window units around the house. These units are very heavy and can, over time, damage window frames. Not only that, from the outside of the house they can be ugly to the eye. You may want to try installing a new air conditioning apparatus with the use of a ductless heating pump that can provide both cool and hot air. Why?

1-No Ducts Necessary

One reason you may have gotten window units in the first place is that you have no air ducts running throughout the building and didn't want to pay to break into the walls to create them. Luckily, ductless systems do not require these ducts either. The primary unit is connected to a series of tubes that can be put along the floors to connect to small unit in each room you'd like to cool. Therefore, you'll be switching out bulky window units for smaller, quieter, more modern units easily.

Because these units also don't require ducts, if you ever plan to build another bedroom or another living space, you can just install a small unit in the room instead of being held hostage to a duct system and having to figure out how the new room's ducts can be routed to the other ducts.

2-Better Air Quality

Because tiny tubes are used, less dust and fewer particles will be circulating around in the house. As a result, you could very well notice an increase in the quality of the flowing air in your house, which will be much appreciated by anyone in the building with asthma or allergies.

3-Lower Utility Bills

For many, ductless systems provide an unexpected benefit: lower utility costs. That's usually because window units are not as energy efficient as ductless systems. Window units are often accompanied by panels on either side which are supposed to block air from getting out or into the home; many times air passes through anyway. Ductless AC eliminates that leakage and therefore the system doesn't need to work as hard to cool air down; utility costs may indeed slide downwards.

You may finally be in a position to ditch unsightly, large AC window units when getting an entirely different ductless system. Reach out to air conditioner installation professionals; they can help with system information, home assessments and the installation itself