Having a furnace is a necessity in your home, unlike some other appliances, but its also a large purchase. How do you know if you need one? If you aren't sure if you should upgrade to a new furnace, read on for a few things to take into consideration to help you decide. 

1. Is Your Furnace Old?

An older furnace is going to break down sooner rather than later, as most furnaces usually only last up to about 15 years. If your furnace is reaching this age (or is older), you should consider having a new furnace installed in your home. Your old furnace may be working, but it may not be working properly. It could be struggling to keep up, or it could be causing you to lose money on your energy bills.

2. Is Your Furnace Running Constantly?

If your furnace is constantly running or short-cycling, it could be due to it being the wrong size for your home. If your furnace was installed by a non-professional, it may not have been the right size furnace for your home. Not all furnaces are alike, and you should have the properly sized furnace for your home. A furnace that is too big will short-cycle, and one that is too small will run constantly to keep up with the temperature. Either way, it could end up with your furnace breaking down. A furnace that is the proper size for your home should be installed instead.

3. Are You Calling a Repair Company Often?

If you're calling out a furnace repair company each season with a problem with your furnace, this isn't normal. Your furnace breaking down this often could be a sign that it's time for an upgrade. Those repair costs are only going to get more and more expensive with the age of your furnace, as parts are going to become harder to find. Replace the furnace rather than making these costly repairs.

4. Are Your Energy Bill Getting More Expensive?

If you are noticing a change in those energy bills each moth, and they aren't getting any cheaper, it may be due to your furnace. Older systems aren't as energy efficient as a new one. Why waste money on energy bills when you can invest in a new system and save money on those monthly bills? It makes more sense to invest in the new system.

If your furnace sounds like what you had read above, then it is time to have a new furnace installed in your home. Call an HVAC contractor today and ask about their furnace installation services to get your new furnace installed before winter.