Your heating system is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home. Without proper heat, your home becomes cold quickly because air is lost via windows and your home's roof. You need a reliable heater to keep your house evenly warm as the temperatures drop.

Your heater does more than just keep your house warm as well. Your heating system is responsible for protecting your home's plumbing so pipes don't freeze or burst when temperatures outside get cold enough. If you have a basement, it's especially important to keep your heating system in top form. Here are ways to get the most out of your home's heating system.

Choose a temperature

Select a daytime temperature and a nighttime temperature for your heating system and stick to it. When your heater isn't constantly kicking on and off to meet your changing temperature needs, the unit lasts longer. You also save money on energy costs by choosing a constant heat for your home. Select a slightly cooler heat for your house when you are gone for the day to maximize energy savings, but never turn your heater off completely or your home will take a lot of heat and energy to warm up later.

Clean your filters and ducts

Your heater operates via heat ducts and has filters on the unit itself to trap hair, lint, dust, and other debris. When your ducts and filters get full, this same matter gets thrown back in the air. Or, your heater loses some ventilation and is less able to operate and cool itself at the same time. Have your HVAC specialist clean your air ducts and filters for your heating system every year before you turn your heater on to improve air quality and improve the function of your heating unit.

Close doors and windows

Heat will circulate throughout your home. If you have rooms you rarely use, close their doors so heat can remain in the parts of your house you use more frequently. This helps your heating system maintain heat and prevents temptation to turn up the thermostat. Check all windows to make sure they are closed and sealed; you don't want to spend money heating your home to literally let heat get out the window.

When you take measures to protect your heating system, you get more out of your unit. Use these tips every year for maximum heating function in your heating system.