You rely upon your furnace to keep your family comfortable during the winter, but your furnace has to be maintained properly or it might break down. Not only that, but a furnace that isn't serviced regularly could have a shorter lifespan, and that causes you to spend money needlessly on repairs and replacement. Here are some important parts of your furnace that should be serviced on a regular schedule to prevent problems and keep your family warm.

The Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is the part of a furnace that heats up the air before it's blown through your house. The exchanger transfers heat from the heat source to the air, so if it is damaged or worn, your furnace won't work very well. A bad heat exchanger is dangerous too. If there are cracks in it, then carbon monoxide can leak into your home. The heat exchanger is made from thin metal that becomes stressed over the years due to constant movement in temperature extremes. It should be checked for holes and cracks every year when the furnace technician does preventative maintenance and cleaning of your furnace.

The Blower Parts

The blower is another important part of your furnace that can cause trouble when it malfunctions. The blower consists of a motor with bearings, a fan, and a belt. Any of these can malfunction, and a common cause of blower trouble is when the blower gets dirty from a filter that isn't changed often enough. A technician cleans your furnace during an annual visit to keep built up dust from causing damage, but you also have to change the filter regularly when your furnace is in operation. However, worn parts, such as bad bearings or an old belt, could cause the blower to break down too. This might happen unexpectedly, but if your furnace is checked before the start of heating season, the technician will find worn parts and replace them before they cause harm.

When the blower has problems, it can cause the furnace to overheat and shut itself off as a safety mechanism. That can keep your home from being warm enough. Another thing the technician checks is the function of the safety mechanism to make sure the furnace shuts down when there are problems that could harm your family or the furnace.

These are two important parts of your furnace, but the technician checks many others during a service call such as the electrical connections, wiring, thermostat calibration, ignition system, and lubrication. The best time to get your furnace ready for winter is in the late summer or early fall, but it's never too late to get your furnace serviced and have preventative maintenance done so you can prevent damage caused by neglect and keep your furnace operating for as many years as possible.

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