If you've decided it's time for a new air conditioner, now is the perfect time to get one. While you might not be planning to use your air conditioner now, you will next year, and it's better to get it installed now instead of in spring when everyone else will be trying to get an appointment. Installing a new air conditioner now could also improve your home's heating over the winter.

Demand Is Down

Unless you're in the very far southern portions of the country and hate the heat, you're likely not using air conditioning right now — and neither are your neighbors. That means that demand on air conditioning companies is down because people aren't clamoring for urgent repairs. That frees up time for companies to take care of installations instead. Plus, when demand is down and you don't need an urgent appointment, that can lower costs as well.

Remember that as spring approaches, air conditioning companies are likely to be swamped with requests for inspections and repairs on air conditioners. It makes sense to get bigger jobs like installation done during a season when there's less demand for the company's time.

No Worries About Heater Downtime

If your current air conditioning system is connected to the heating system, such as in a combined central air/heat system, then any work on the air conditioner means the heater will be offline. Granted, many areas of the country are already experiencing very cold days, when going without heat wouldn't be a good idea. But if you're in an area where the days aren't that bad, getting the air conditioner replaced now means that you won't have to worry about comfort if you can't use the heater that day.

New Heater Just in Time for Winter?

Speaking of combination air conditioners and heaters, if you get an entirely new system installed, that means you're getting a new heater, too, or at least several new parts for it. That means that as winter gets closer and the temperatures drop even more, you'll have a nice new heater to use.

Of course, if your air conditioner is separate from your heater, you won't have that advantage unless you get the heater replaced as well. Many air conditioner installation companies also work on heaters, so you might want to ask about deals for getting both systems installed at the same time.

Installation can take time, depending on how involved the job is and whether you're switching to a new type of system. Overall, however, the job is fairly straightforward and shouldn't take that long.

For more information, contact an air conditioning installation service in your area.