If you have a small bathroom and want to make changes so the space looks larger, one thing you might do is get rid of the vanity and put in a pedestal sink. A pedestal sink is smaller than a sink with a cabinet, and although you'll lose some storage space, the bathroom will seem larger. Here are some things to know about installing a new pedestal sink:

Pedestal Sinks Can Be More Difficult To Install

The easiest way to switch out bathroom sinks is to buy a new one with the exact measurements as your old one. That's not always possible when you switch to a pedestal sink from a cabinet sink. Since a pedestal sink has a narrow base, the plumbing pipes have to be positioned just right so they are hidden from view as much as possible. This may require moving the location of the pipes, and that could entail opening the wall. You may find the best way to get your new sink installed is to let a plumber install it since the process could be beyond basic DIY skills.

You May Need To Use Penetrating Oil On Old Pipes

Bathroom plumbing in general is difficult to work with. If your house is old, the bathroom plumbing is probably old too. Instead of being made of newer plastic pipes that are more flexible and easier to work with, your plumbing may be corroded or stuck together in the joints. This can make it difficult to dismantle your old sink so the new sink can be installed. If old plumbing is stuck, try using penetrating oil to work it loose, and be careful about forcing it or you could bust open a pipe and create more work for you or the plumber.

You Might Need A Permit For The Job

If you hire a plumber to install your new bathroom sink, the plumber will handle the permits if they're required. If you want to install the sink yourself, check with your city about the need for a permit first. Work on plumbing often requires a permit, and a task like changing a sink might fall in that category, especially if you need to move pipes so they line up just right with the pedestal sink. It's important to follow the regulations of your city when it comes to getting permits. A permit usually involves a follow-up inspection, so this may be another reason it's easier and better to hire a plumber to put in your new sink.

For more information about updating or upgrading your bathroom plumbing, reach out to a plumbing contractor in your area today.