At some point, it may make more sense to replace your HVAC unit and stop repairing it. The line between when it makes sense to replace your HVAC unit and when it makes sense to repair your unit is a fine line to walk. You need to know when to make the call to replace your unit.

Sign #1: Your Unit Is Getting Old

First, pay attention to the age of your unit. HVAC units are not made to last forever; they are made to last for a specific period. If you have a central heating system, it is designed to last about a decade and a half. If you have a furnace, they are usually designed to last for around two decades. So, if your unit is around fifteen to twenty years old, it is time to stop the repairs and start looking into replacement options.

When your unit reaches the end of its life, it may cost you more to repair the unit than it is worth it. Also, your unit probably is not that effective and is costing you more money than necessary to use and run it.

Sign #2: Cost of Repairs Is Rising

Second, pay attention to how much you are spending on repairs. You should get your unit inspected every year, and you should invest in regular routine maintenance. However, if you are needing to call your HVAC repair technician every three months in order to come out and repair things, you need to start looking into a replacement.

Additionally, there are some repairs that are so expensive; it makes more sense to just invest in a new unit. For example, replacing a failing compressor can be extremely expensive, and makes it worthwhile to just upgrade to a new unit.

Sign #3: Outdated Technology

Third, pay attention to the technology standards of your unit. Many new units have technology options that didn't exist two decades ago. For example, you can purchase a smart HVAC system that will learn the temperatures you want your house at and then will configure your heating to effectively meet those needs. Or you can connect your HVAC system to WIFI and control it remotely.

You may want to look into replacing your HVAC unit if it is getting up there in age, if the cost of repairs is getting to be too much, or if the technology is outdated and holding you back from better energy usage. When you upgrade, go for a unit that will offer you more control and better energy efficiency. Contact a local HVAC dealer to learn more.