To say that commercial ovens work hard is an understatement. This appliance is expected to perform for long periods of time and without interruption. This grueling level of use can sometimes lead to damage. However, as a restaurant owner, you can minimize the threat of an oven failure at the worst possible time by recognizing the following signs that indicate the oven is in need of repairs. 

1. Extended Cook Times

Kitchen crews often have cook times mastered; they can tell you exactly how many minutes it will take to cook every item on the menu. When the staff starts to tell you that the average cook times are increasing, you want to listen. A common indication that repair is necessary is an oven that does not reach the correct temperature. For instance, if the oven is set to 375 degrees, it might level out at 325 degrees. You can use an oven thermometer to test the actual temperature inside the oven if you think you are experiencing this issue.

2. Noticeable Temperature Variations

In the same manner that the oven might have a hard time getting warm enough, a failing oven can also get too hot. For example, an issue with the oven's cooling fan, thermostat, or heating element could cause the oven to overheat. When an oven is too hot, the food that comes out will not exactly be desirable. The oven must be repaired to get things back on track. If the oven is too hot, uneven cooking may also be an issue. For instance, the outside of the dish might be finished, but the inside is undercooked.

3. Customer Complaints

Even if you do not detect any issues, if you start to notice that your customers are complaining, especially frequent customers, it could be a sign that there is a problem with the oven. Whether the customers are upset about wait times or that the meals are not cooked correctly when they arrive at the table, trust that your customers will speak up. Provided it is not an issue with the staff, it is probably the appliance. So, to keep your customers happy and coming through the door, you should reach out to a repair professional.

If you detect any indication that your commercial oven is headed toward the danger zone, contact a company that provides restaurant equipment repairs as soon as possible to avoid a total failure.