Older homes have fewer insulation features than newer ones, making wall insulation an ideal choice. Still, it's essential to add wall insulation to a new home. When done correctly, you'll end up getting the money invested in a few years as you save on energy consumption. Before getting your home insulation;

  • Find an installation service
  • Know the type that best suits your home structure
  • Understand the cost
  • Understand the benefits
  • Have an energy audit

Most homeowners don't know how much insulation their homes need or where it's most needed. An energy assessment enables you to understand your energy needs, problem areas and fix pain points. Most energy problems start with inadequate equipment and loss of energy.

Reduces Heat Loss

You're probably losing 35% of heat through uninsulated walls. This means that you'll need more power and more extensive heating equipment to meet your home's demands. Also, the unit will work harder to meet the increased demand, lowering its lifespan and efficiency. As you install suitable insulation, you'll realize a dramatic change in your power consumption. 

Reduced Expenditure

Immediately after insulating the walls, your energy consumption bill will reduce. Secondly, because the heating system is not overworked, it will break down less often, and it will remain efficient for a long time. You won't have to spend more money and time on frequent repairs, and at the same time, you can keep the system for long.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Natural gas is the most popular fuel in the US. If you run the heating system on natural gas, oil, or propane, it can end up leaving carbon monoxide in your home and the surrounding environment. 

The more fuel you use to produce the required heat, the more carbon monoxide the system generates. Losing heat through uninsulated walls means you'll use more fossil fuel to generate extra energy. 

Prevents Mold 

Mold forms when there is moisture penetrating the walls. When the walls have insulation, it traps the water, then directs it underground rather than to the walls. The walls remain dry, preventing the growth of mold. 

Soundproofs Your Home

Wall insulation also helps keep noise away from your home or sounds from the outside. You can sleep comfortably without interruptions and hold private discussions discreetly. 


Wall insulation is a quick and easy to install process that doesn't disrupt your indoor structure. You don't have to make room for the procedure or create a lot of time for the exercise, as it can be done in just a few hours, depending on the walls' size.